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#Media Buying

At GrizzlyWoods Advertising Agency our media buying focuses on TV and Billboards. We negotiate the price and placement on behalf of the client.

We're a small agency, so we're really picky when it comes to choosing clients.


This allows us to provide intense focus and customer service to our clients.

How it works:

Let's use one of our clients as an example:



Client presents a budget.

all confidential off-course

We negotiate our % fee.

we usually settle on a smaller % fee than the industry average

We sign an agreement.

pretty standard

We negotiate advertising placement and costs with the media houses.

we always try our best to get great rates for our client

We present our media strategy and schedule to the client.

based on our experience

We book advertising on behalf of the client.

No better feeling than having a Grizzly as your middleman

We see it through until the end.

then we do it again